Non-Destructive Testing

Ultrasonic non-destructive testing is a versatile technology for ensuring perfect quality of critical components such as aerospace composites, battery cells and modules, semiconductors or automotive welds.

XARION offers a proprietary, laser-based sensor technology for contact-free NDT ultrasonic testing. It's the combination of contact-free ultrasound generation via laser beam (laser-excited acoustics) and the contact-free ultrasound detection with XARION's Optical Microphone that enables the realization of fully automated ultrasonic non-destructive testing systems without contact, water or coupling liquids. The method can be used regardless of part size, material type or surface condition. XARION's Laser Excited Acoustics technology has proven to be highly versatile and enables reliable end-of-line inspection. The diverse range of industrial applications includes composite parts inspection, inspection of weld seams, spot welds or welded electronic contacts, crack testing of cast parts or ceramic components, battery electrolyte testing or inspection of adhesively bonded joints.

Battery Inspection

  • Fully automated battery cell inspection
  • Battery cell NDT without contact or coupling liquid
  • See inside your battery!

Ultrasound Testing of Composite Materials

  • Water-free ultrasonic testing of CFRP or adhesive layers
  • Detection of internal defects and delamination
  • Single-sided or through-transmission configuration

Spot Weld Inspection

  • High-speed inspection on robot
  • No coupling liquid necessary
  • Reliable distinction between OK and NOK welds

Semiconductor Inspection

  • Ultra high-speed inspection
  • Detection of delaminations and defects
  • Suitable for high-volume production lines