Non-Destructive Testing

XARION offers a proprietary, laser-based sensor technology  for contact-free ultrasonic testing. The inspection method enables an easy integration with existing systems, robot arms and software.

Battery Inspection

  • Fully automated battery cell inspection
  • Battery cell NDT without contact or coupling liquid
  • See inside your battery!

Ultrasound Testing of Composite Materials

  • Water-free ultrasonic testing of CFRP or adhesive layers
  • Detection of internal defects and delamination
  • Single-sided or through-transmission configuration

Spot Weld Inspection

  • High-speed inspection on robot
  • No coupling liquid necessary
  • Reliable distinction between OK and NOK welds

Semiconductor Inspection

  • Ultra high-speed inspection
  • Detection of delaminations and defects
  • Suitable for high-volume production lines