Contact-free Spot Weld Inspection for the Automotive Industry

  • XARION offers a unique automated inspection technology for the ultrasound inspection of spot welds
  • The patent-protected NDT inspection head is mounted on a robot and can assess the quality of a spot weld within 5 seconds

XARION´s Laser Excited Ultrasound robot cell at FFT

  • XARION´s contact-free non-destructive testing method is a completely new approach to ultrasonic testing of spot welds
  • In addition to being contact-free, the system operates with an otherwise unmatched tolerance, making it ideal for automation with robots
  • The measurements tolerate lateral or angular misalignment with the car body, producing reliable results in real-world scenarios

High-resolution Laser Ultrasound scanning enables internal material flaw imaging for semiconductor applications

  • Laser-based sensor technology enables ultrasonic inspection of semiconductor components
  • Software allocates each spatial coordinate with any local sound event and plots an acoustic ultrasonic transmission image
  • Perfect match for internal material flaws, e.g. delaminations

High-speed Ultrasonic Inspection without water!

  • High-speed Ultrasonic Inspection with a multichannel array in combination with an eye-safe excitation laser
  • No goggles are required for this laser outside the robot safety fence
  • The receiver consists of an array of 8 optical microphones with a 2mm pitch

Non-Destructive Inspection Lab System: LEAsys

  • LEAsys is XARION’s turn-key solution for contact-free nondestructive testing including scanner, data acquisition hardware and software for measurement control and data analysis
  • LEAsys is based on the LEA (Laser-Excited Acoustics) technology, which combines laser excitation of ultrasound and detection with the optical microphone
  • The noncontact, broadband inspection technology opens a variety of new possibilities for inspection of composites, metals and semiconductors