Eta600 Ultra

Optical Microphone

The membrane-free Eta600 Ultra Optical Microphone represents the latest development in XARION's sensor technology. With a frequency bandwidth ranging from 50 kHz to 4 MHz for air-coupled ultrasonic measurements and the highest sensitivity within the Eta product line, this sensor proves to be optimal for use in ultrasonic testing applications that require high resolution. In conjunction with XARION's technology for laser-based ultrasound excitation, the sensor is deployed in applications such as non-destructive testing (NDT) of semiconductor components and composite materials, used in the aerospace industry.


    • Membrane-free Optical microphone
    • Frequency range 50 kHz–4 MHz
    • Self-noise: 3.5 µPa (BW: 1 Hz, measured @ 500 kHz)
    • Max. sound pressure for THD < 3%: 20 Pa
    • Dynamic range: 95 dB