Process Monitoring

 Process Control

Laser Process Monitoring
Laser processes emit light – and ultrasound! The airborne ultrasound emission can be harnessed to monitor the quality of industrial laser material processes, e.g. laser welding, structuring or cutting as well as additive manufacturing such as powder bed fusion and direct energy deposition in real-time.

Crack Detection
The ultrasonic frequencies exceed the audible human hearing range 100-fold. In the ultrasound regime (free from background noise), crack signals of brittle materials, such as ceramics or high-strength alloys, can easily be picked up by the optical microphone to trigger a warning signal to the production line.

AI-based Machine Diagnostics
Due to the Optical Microphone’s immense frequency bandwidth, every recording contains a vast amount of data available for feature extraction. We utilize classification and regression, SVM algorithms, k-means clustering and other methods to achieve unprecedented correlation between acoustic process signal and final product quality.