Semiconductor Inspection

XARION‘s unique laser-based technology enables the ultrasonic inspection of semiconductor components without any coupling liquid. The sensor technology can be easily integrated into a high-volume production line or is available as a stand-alone desktop tool. XARION's inspection tool saves costs for offline analysis and ensures inspection of 100% of the components, e.g. packaged devices for the automotive sector.


Two test methods are offered: a high-speed, non-contact imaging mode, and an ultrafast single-shot evaluation mode for up to 1000 components per second. Both modes allow for the nondestructive detection of delaminations and other internal defects. XARION’s technology increases productivity in failure analysis and reliability in production.


  • Compact and highly versatile desktop tool or fully automated inline inspection tool
  • 100% documented safety for your customer
  • Unique non-contact sensor technology without liquid coupling media
  • No interference with other production steps
  • High-speed imaging mode with up to 10 000 imaging points per second
  • Single-shot inspection mode for up to 1000 samples per second
  • Combination with offline non-contact imaging of defective components for further analysis possible