Semiconductor Testing

XARION's unique laser-based technology enables the ultrasonic NDT inspection of semiconductor components without any contact, water or coupling liquid. XARION's semiconductor test equipment is available as a stand-alone desktop tool for semiconductor testing in fail labs and R&D laboratories and can also be integrated into a high-volume production line to enable 100% quality control.


The desktop station offers two operation modes: a high-speed, non-contact imaging mode, and the ultrafast single-shot quality control mode. Both modes enable electronic chip testing by offering non-contact, non-destructive detection of delamination and other internal defects. In the imaging mode, these defects can be located and analyzed in detail, while the single-shot mode offers unparalleled speed with up to 1000 components inspected per second. Utilizing XARION's technology increases your productivity in failure analysis and greatly improves reliability in production!


  • Compact and highly versatile desktop tool or fully automated inline inspection system
  • 100% documented safety for your customer with the inline inspection system
  • Unique non-contact sensor technology without contact, water or coupling liquids
  • No interference with other production steps
  • High-speed imaging mode with up to 10.000 imaging points per second
  • Single-shot inspection mode for up to 1.000 samples per second
  • Combination with offline non-contact imaging of defective components for further analysis possible