NDT Scanning System - LEAsys

Your tool for contact-free ultrasonic testing

XARION's LEAsys turnkey ultrasound inspection system is the perfect tool for R&D laboratories or research institutions engaged in the non-destructive testing of composites, metals, and adhesive joints. The integrated NDT scanner solution combines the innovative LEA technology with a high-resolution x-y scanner table and real-time data analysis software. It enables contact-free ultrasonic testing at high resolution and high speed! 

The ultrasound signal is generated with XARION's laser-based excitation technology, called LEA. XARION's proprietary Optical Microphone detects the acoustic signal transmitted or reflected from the sample. Through-transmission as well as single-sided (pitch-catch or pulse-echo) measurements can be performed, allowing the detection of internal defects, delamination or porosity in a contact-free manner. For high-speed inspection of large parts, XARION also offers an eight-channel microphone array system to boost your productivity!

Hardware features

  • Excitation laser with 100, 400, or 10,000 Hz pulse repetition rate or thermoacoustic excitation
  • Detector: Eta450 Ultra Optical Microphone with 2 MHz bandwidth
  • Minimum step size: 10 µm
  • Scan range: 530 x 500 mm or 530 x 1000 mm
  • Data acquisition: 14-bit resolution, 50 MHz sampling rate

Software features

  • GUI for control and data analysis
  • Display of A-, B-, and C-scans (real-time)
  • Minimum step size: 10 µm
  • FFT, spectral analysis (F-scan)
  • Easy export of resulting image in BMP format
  • Raw data export in CSV format