Spot Weld Inspection

XARION's approach to spot weld inspection is radically different from other testing methods, since it works without physical contact to the car body. This allows a robot-controlled inspection of spot-welds in the automotive industry and a reliable distinction between OK and NOK welds.

This method has been designed for robotic inspection from the start, in contrast to manual methods that have been tweaked for robotic use. This brings a fundamental advantage: it works with an otherwise unachievable tolerance to misalignment of several millimeters. Hence, XARION’s spot weld inspection system is a natural match for industrial robots in a real-life production environment. Compared to state-of-the-art manual inspection, this fully automated high-speed solution reduces inspection costs by a factor of ten.


  • No coupling liquid necessary
  • Reduction of inspection costs by a factor of 10
  • Inspection time: 5 seconds per spot weld
  • Throughput: 8000 spot welds per day
  • Measurement accuracy: better than 300 µm
  • Tolerance to misalignment: 5 mm
  • Robust against surface inhomogeneity