Ultrasound Testing of Composite Materials

XARION‘s unique Laser-Excited Acoustics (LEA) technology enables contact-free ultrasonic testing of composite parts or adhesive layers with high resolution. Enabling a reliable detection of internal defects or delamination. The LEA technology can easily be integrated into robotic or scanner systems and is also available as LEAsys, a turnkey scanner solution. 

The combination of ultrasound excitation by laser pulses and XARION’s proprietary ultrasound detector achieves the best of two worlds: it matches today’s standard liquid-coupled UT in sensitivity and resolution, while it does not require water or coupling gel. The compact LEA probe is fully fiber-coupled and has been designed for robotic inspection from the start. Its robustness against misalignment and surface variations ensures high signal-to-noise ratio over the whole inspection area, minimizing costly manual retesting. 


  • No water, no coupling gel needed
  • Sub-mm resolution of internal defects and delaminations
  • High-speed inspection with up to 2000 mm/s
  • Robust against misalignment in stand-off and angle
  • Single-sided and through-transmission arrangement possible
  • Compatible with monolithic parts and honeycomb sandwich structures