Thermoacoustic Emitter

Broadband air-coupled ultrasound source

Product details

The Thermoacoustic Emitter (TAE) is a unique, air-coupled, ultrasound source for ultrasonic excitation over a broad frequency range. The transducer generates a Dirac-shaped, spatially-focused, ultrasound pulse via a fast electronic discharge. The TAE operates without moving parts and hence is an excellent match with XARION’s optical microphone. Applications for the transducer include non-contact ultrasound evaluation (NDE) of materials, and acoustic spectroscopy.


  • Pulse width: 1 µs (FWHM)
  • Frequency range: 10 kHz-1 MHz
  • Peak pressure: 1000 Pa (154 dB rel. 20 µPa)
  • Focal spot size: 1 mm
  • Focal distance: 20 or 30 mm
  • Generation for air-coupled ultrasound testing and acoustic spectroscopy