Eta100 L Ultra

Optical Hydrophone

XARION's Eta100 L Ultra is a robust, long-lasting optical hydrophone designed for ultrasound sensing in rugged environments. Using patented technology, the Eta100 L Ultra sensor is immune to electromagnetic interference, damage or de-calibration from high pressure amplitudes and allows measurements at elevated temperatures up to 100°C. Covering a 50 kHz to 10 MHz frequency range and pressure amplitudes in the kPa to MPa range, it offers highly versatile ultrasound detection in liquids within a small form factor.

This makes the Eta100 L Ultra the perfect ultrasound sensor for military and civil applications in high electromagnetic fields, or for the characterization of ultrasound transducers with high sound pressures that could potentially destroy other hydrophones.


  • Suitable for temperatures up to 100°C, resilient to decalibration by high pressure amplitudes
  • High versatility through small footprint and 10 MHz measurement bandwidth
  • Fiber-coupled optical hydrophone
  • Immunity to electromagnetic interference