High-speed Ultrasonic Inspection without water!

  • High-speed Ultrasonic Inspection with a multichannel array in combination with an eye-safe excitation laser
  • No goggles are required for this laser outside the robot safety fence
  • The receiver consists of an array of 8 optical microphones with a 2mm pitch

Non-Destructive Inspection Lab System: LEAsys

  • LEAsys is XARION’s turn-key solution for contact-free nondestructive testing including scanner, data acquisition hardware and software for measurement control and data analysis
  • LEAsys is based on the LEA (Laser-Excited Acoustics) technology, which combines laser excitation of ultrasound and detection with the optical microphone
  • The noncontact, broadband inspection technology opens a variety of new possibilities for inspection of composites, metals and semiconductors

Demonstration of Frequency Bandwidth

  • The Optical Microphone is able to detect the entire acoustic frequency bandwidth which is transmitted through air
  • High frequencies often contain significant process-quality information
  • Hence, disturbing background noise (low frequencies) can be separated from process information (high frequencies)

XARION's Solution for Non-Destructive Material Testing

  • Laser-based, non-contact ultrasound NDT
  • High resolution scans 
  • True impulse response, enables single-sided material testing

XARION's Solution for Industrial Process Control

  • XARION’s optical microphone enables real-time surveillance of industrial processes
  • Non-contact measurement – no solid or liquid coupling required
  • Ultrasound sensing up to 1 MHz, allows suppression of background noise