31 January 2023

XARION's Optical Microphone - an essential component of many research projects in 2022

XARION's Optical Microphone was an essential component of many research projects in the past year. Due to its high ultrasonic frequency bandwidth, it captures previously inaccessible data. Due in part to this unparalleled performance, it is frequently used as a sensor for precise measurements, including sound wave measurements or material processing operations.

One such research venture uses XARION's optical microphone to record acoustic emissions during laser welding processes. By evaluating these emissions, it is possible to predict the welding depth without relying on process parameters such as laser power and feed rate. These studies open up new possibilities for robust quality assurance of laser beam welding applications based on acoustic emissions. (Authors: Lazar Tomcic, Armin Ederer, Sophie Grabmann, et al.)

Here you find several publications in which XARION´s Optical Microphone was used:

Microacoustic Metagratings at Ultra-High Frequencies Fabricated by Two-Photon Lithography

Flow-Enhanced Photothermal Spectroscopy

Interpreting acoustic emissions to determine the weld depth during laser beam welding

Spatial and Temporal Deep Learning in Air-coupled Ultrasonic Testing for Enabling NDE 4.0