Additive Manufacturing 01/2024

Healing of keyhole porosity by means of defocused laser beam remelting: Operando observation by X-ray imaging and acoustic emission-based detection


Charlotte de Formanoir, Milad Hamidi Nasab, et al.

  • In Laser Powder-Bed Fusion (LPBF) the unpredictable formation of defects such as pores can lead to compromised mechanical properties
  • Using XARION’s optical microphone a strategy for monitoring in-situ healing of pores through laser remelting was implemented
  • Acoustic signals acquired during laser remelting are temporally synchronized and analyzed with X-ray images to identify acoustic signatures of the pore healing event
  • The approach presented in this paper enables precise monitoring of defect healing during the LPBF process without the use of elaborate machine learning algorithms
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