XARION Laser Acoustics Development

Fiber-coupled sound and ultrasound sensor ("Eta Ultra")

For this device, the laser source and the optical read out are locally separated from the sensor head. The all-optical sensor head has a sensitive active area size of 2mm by 0.3mm. The transducer principle is based on laser interferometry, no mechanically deformable or movable parts (such as membranes or piezo crystals) are involved.  

Hydrophone ("Eta L Ultra")

This product line is based on the Eta Ultra, adapted to work in liquids and reach highest sensitivity in the MHz frequency range from 0.1 to 25 MHz. Its primary applications reside in medical ultrasonic imaging and acoustics measurement technology.

Integrated, miniaturized sensor ("MicrOS")

The integrated embodiment of the Optical Microphone includes the laser diode, photo detectors, and read-out electronics. For this set-up, wafer-level optics allow for a very compact, reproducible and cost-effective design. Development is currently focused on sensor miniaturization to millimeter scale.

XARION’s optical microphone technology is protected by several patents, including patents granted in the United States, the European Union, China, South Korea, Japan, and other countries. The company’s scientific advisory board is headed by T.W. Hänsch, Nobel laureate and laser physicist.