Laser Ultrasound Inspection of Spot-Welded Joints

  • Spot weld characterization with XARION's non-destructive scanning system
  • Single-sided setup using XARION's optical microphone 
  • Robot-based, fully automated, no contact fluid required

XARION's Solution for Non-Destructive Material Testing

  • Laser-based, non-contact ultrasound NDT
  • High resolution scans 
  • True impulse response, enables single-sided material testing

XARION's Solution for Industrial Process Control

  • XARION’s optical microphone enables real-time surveillance of industrial processes
  • Non-contact measurement – no solid or liquid coupling required
  • Ultrasound sensing up to 1 MHz, allows suppression of background noise

Leakage Detection with the Optical Microphone

  • XARION is part of the TADI project by TOTAL
  • The goal of the project is an early fault detection to prevent accidents caused by gas leaks
  • XARION is currently working on an ATEX certified version of the optical microphone

Interview with XARION’s founder Balthasar Fischer (German)

  • Story behind the idea of the optical microphone
  • Working principle of the optical microphone
  • Areas of application